This system offers you our extremely
advanced complete automatic location and
security system. It uses a combination of GPS location technology,
wireless communication network and different mapping utilities publicly available
to provide accurate location of the object in any part of the globe with ability to completely control the same.

It gives you an extra features and the ability to customize the tracking solution to fit all your requirement and your future ideas.


Key Features
  • Real time tracking in group as well as individual modes.
  • Supports Google maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth.
  • Complete control of the vehicle through the web.
  • Find closest tracker to a desired destination using Locator tool.
  • View tracker history for a given period.
  • Know estimated time of arrival.
  • Enhanced animated view to traverse the traveled path through History tool.
  • Real time graphical representation of distance and speed.
  • Create polygon and circular Geofences using visual Geofence tool.
  • Schedule time-specific Geofences activation/deactivation.
  • Multi-lingual & time-zone support.
  • Upload icons and images to match your brand or choice.
  • Easy-to-manage Directory of your users with extensive search capabilities.
  • Extensive Reporting Tool with printing and PDF Support automatically generates a
    number of useful reports e.g., distance travelled, trips made, over speeding, etc.


System Overview
All Trackers

The dashboard is your starting point for using your GPS tracking solution. From here you can see an overview of all the vehicles in the group on the map.



This is the tools dashboard which is the gateway to many of the functions like Geocoder, Find closest vehicle, Track Management, Reports, Geofence Management etc..


Real Time Tracking

Here you can see the object moving in real time with its track and by clicking any of the icon you can get information at that point like speed, time etc. You can see the history and also control the vehicle from here.


Get Closest Vehicle

This is where you get the closest vehicle simply by clicking on the map as well as relative positions of all other vehicles and their rankings, Extremely useful feature for Taxi operations.


Reverse Geocoder

Here you can enter the latitude and longitude of any place and you will get its location with respect to a nearby known place as well as a brief description of that known place.



There are many useful reports available in software. One such report is shown above which gives a snapshot of the current fleet status of that particular group.