- Post Paid
The Jordanian Vision for Telecom works on providing special offers to companies and develops these offers according to the needs of the client. 
These lines are monitored and controlled through a specialized computerized system in this field.

It should be noted that there are many reputed companies that have been contracted within this area through the offers that have been submitted to them.

These offers are modified to suit the status of the clients and the number of their staff as well as providing after sale services to maintain customer satisfaction.

Activated accounts follow-up Mechanism:

  • Entering all monthly received invoices
    in the computerized system.
  • Sorting the invoiced separately
    for each customer.
  • Preparing all invoices and claims
    reports for collection.
  • Contacting customers to follow-up the collection process in coordination with collection department.


Online services:

  • Disconnecting lines in case of theft or stolen.
  • Disconnecting lines in case of customer payment commitment absence.
  • Billing values follow up.
  • Providing PUK decode No.


- Pre Paid
The Jordanian vision for telecom covers mainly the various areas of the south and others areas assigned to the company by Zain through a group of qualified distributors and through 33 modern cars according to plans and studies that have been developed by the management on scientific bases, The department distributes all types and categories of scratch cards and prepaid wimax internet cards and dongles, phones and services knowing that the department's plans have been designed in a flexible and subject to increase of any services manner to be distributed with ease. Supplied to the department.
Our Zain Branches:
South region:

1- Ma'an's Service Center
2- Karak's Service Center
3- Mouta's Service Center
4- Tafila's Service Center
5- al qaser's Service Center
6- al al ghoor al safi 's Service Center


1- SmartBuy - Queen Rania St.